Dive Right In

Nestled between the Okanogan and Colville National Forests of Northeast Washington, The Regeneration Institute is a not for profit education center designed to R.esearch, I.nnovate, D.evelop and E.ducate (R.I.D.E.) regenerative living practices that are efficient, beneficial and restorative to our lands and our communities.


Short Term Goals: Enhance existing 25 acre research and development site to allow for appropriate student/instructor housing by improving and expanding the current structures and food/energy/waste systems.   

Long Term Goals: A Regenerative Agrihood development on 100 acres consisting of 40 students, educators, researchers and administrators who will each be assigned a 2.5 acre parcel upon which to develop regenerative dwellings, gardens, food forests, ponds, apiaries, greenhouses, poultry, rabbits, root cellars, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and energy and waste systems.

Students can choose online or onsite educational opportunities including, but not limited to:

Permaculture Design
Natural Building and Architecture
Water and Wildlife Management
Regenerative Energy and Waste Systems
Culinary Arts
Textile Arts
and other Regenerative Living Practices

Research will be conducted at every stage of our Regenerative Agrihood development.  Onsite and online tours and demonstrations will be provided throughout the year to provide the public with opportunities to experience a wide variety of regenerative living models our instructors and students co-develop a living model of a regenerative agrihood- a completely self-sufficient agricultural based community that will meet all basic needs for the families who live upon it, and which over time will also provide a surplus of food and energy to benefit the surrounding community.