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The Regeneration Institute sustainable living center functions as an educational establishment dedicated to conservation and enhancement of the health of our lands, lakes, streams, oceans, forests and rivers by researching, innovating, developing, and educating people to live upon them in restorative and sustainable ways. By using designs that maximize efficiency and functionality, we aim to establish water, food, energy, and waste systems that serve a beneficial role to our natural surroundings.




Introduction to our Team

Marlowe Brown
Nature Immersion Film Producer, Founder of The Mother+Land Project, Creative Consultant, Mother of Four.  Interests include community building, nature advocacy, natural medicine, nutrition and the arts.

Carley Schwoerer
Designer & instructor at Primitive Technique, bushcrafting, certified wildlife tracker, certified permaculture designer. Teaches workshops, and vends at events.

Jolie Silva
Studies nutrition, jiu jitsu, and holistic health. Talented 2-D artist, excellent culinary artist, foraging for wild edibles to incorporate into dishes.Long time employee at PCC Community Markets Co-Op.

Cody Schwoerer
Sound designer, wild land firefighter, worked on Sony featured projects with Sunbreak Games, experience with property maintenance, landscaping, fire safety and prevention.


Anthony Kostroff
Studied engineering, research of wild edible mushrooms, skilled at foraging for wild edibles which he includes with his culinary art, has created dishes for various high end restaurants. Passionate about snow sports, skilled snowboarder.

Cooper Schwoerer
Studied horticulture and greenhouse design. Technology, hardware support, solar energy maintenance, animation, music, works at Jet City Seattle doing tech set up work.

Carson Goldsmith
Video & media production, has been helping to create and edit content to document our journey.


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